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  1. eMusic
  2. Real Superpass
  3. Amazon MP3

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Music Download Site Reviews

eMusic Review - Ranking #1

emusic screenshot

eMusic is a a great music download site that fills a niche in the market and offers subscribers the maximum flexibility on how they can enjoy their music.If you’re into music then it’s worth giving eMusic a shot – even if it’s just for the 25 free tracks that you get with the trial.

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Real SuperPass Review - Ranking #2

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Real SuperPass provides a wide range of premium online content including ad-free Internet radio, music downloads, game downloads, digital photo prints and virus protection. They also give you a free copy of RealPlayer Plus. Superpass offers a 14 day free trial to get you started.

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Amazon MP3 Review - Ranking #3

amazonmp3 screenshot

Amazon MP3 is a fairly new music download service that is user-friendly, offers downloads that are very compatible due to the unprotected MP3 format. Very affordable too, with single tracks available for as low as 89 cents and many albums available for under $4.99, this makes the Amazon MP3 service great value for money.

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7digital Review

7digital screenshot

7digital provides a good service that makes purchasing music, videos, movies, and audiobooks easy. The website is well designed, user-friendly, and lots of features. digital locker will give you peace-of-mind and is the best disaster recovery tool just in case you lose all your purchased music; you can simply download them all again.

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Napster Review

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The Napster To Go pass is the ideal plan for people who love variety of music and don’t want to permanently own the songs they download.However if you're looking to build up your music library with DRM-free music and wish to downloading songs that you can keep, then you may want to look at the Napster Light or Napster Pass plans (or go for eMusic). Overall Napster has lots of options to suite most digital music needs.

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iTunes Review

itunes screenshot

The Apple iTunes Store is a decent option that can satisfy even the most ravenous of digital music needs. However, due to the lack of support for other digital audio playing devices it will only appeal to owners of the Apple iPod or people thinking of buying one.

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Walmart Music Review

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Wal-Marts music download service offers you to download tracks for 94¢ a piece. There is no subscription and no limit to the amount of MP3s you can download.However the download center is not designed for cross-browser or platform compatibility.

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Zune Marketplace Music Review

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Microsoft's Zune Marketplace offers more than 4 million music titles and videos only playable on your Zune player. They offer unlimited monthly subscriptions with DRM protection for $14.99-per-month.

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